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We believe that personal financial advice needs to make a meaningful and positive difference to our client’s lives. Your goals are at the heart of our advice because we believe that the path to realising your goals begins with a clear understanding of who you are, and what you want in life.

Templetons Financial are also specialists in the corporate insurance and superannuation market, assisting SMEs and business owners around Australia.

About Us

Templetons Financial is a Queensland based and founded business in 1982, who assist clients and businesses all around Australia.

At Templetons Financial, we are dedicated to providing you with the best advice and support possible. Our philosophy is simple – to help you understand the role your finances play in your life and to help you plan for the unexpected, with protection for the unexpected, letting you plan your future the way you want it. To do this, we have a wide range of industry experienced staff to help support and advise you through your financial journey.

Financial Advice

Templetons Financial  helps you protect and get more out of the money you have, so you can have more of the things you want – today and in the future.

After finding out your current circumstances and where you want to be, we help you make informed decisions about making the most of your money, investing and protecting it to your advantage, using financial products that suit your needs.

Templetons Financial is dedicated to providing you the very best financial planning for your individual circumstances, as a direct result of our extensive industry experience and up to date knowledge of the financial market. We use these qualities in combination with extensive background research and comparisons to help you to reap the rewards of planning ahead.

Our Advice

The first stage of making a financial plan is to determine where your finances stand, through looking at your current financial circumstances, income, expenditure and assets. This helps Templetons Financial to get a wider picture of what can be recommended to best benefit you.

Everyone has life goals, but the tricky part is to make them happen. Be it purchasing your first home, travel, looking toward investments or insurance and more, Templetons Financial is ready to help make your goals a reality.
A good plan is vital to success, and your finances are no exception. We help to plan out a roadmap to make your goals work, so you be condent in knowing you have a path mapped out for you by dedicated industry professionals

Investing can be one of the most efficient ways to earn money, so long as the right choices are being made. Templetons can help you make these decisions to maximise your investment growth, letting you get your plans in action sooner.

Even with the best of plans, there are still risks involved with investing and making money. We help mitigate this by forming effective contingency plans, to safeguard your finances and continue to foster growth in the event of unplanned changes.

Depending on the advice taken, costs can naturally be vastly different in the way of payment plans, commissions and upfront fees. We help you to navigate this by providing you with comprehensive information of all fees before taking any action, so you can rest assured that no hidden fees or other costs are involved later down the line.

Corporate Services

We help SMEs and business owners implement Financial Wellness Programs at workplace to reduce financial stress and our aim is help people live the life they want through financial life management.

The Financial Wellness in the Australian Workplace research shows that 2.44 million Australians have been identified as being moderately to severely financially stressed in 2018. Employees who suffer from financial stress are less engaged at work and more likely to underperform – and this costs Australian employers $31.1 billion annually!

Our goal is to help businesses and their employees towards financial wellness which aims to improve productivity and more importantly, the businesses’ long term profitability.

Our Corporate Services
We help businesses position themselves as an ‘employer of choice’ by delivering innovative employee benefits through an effective Financial Wellness Program. The financial education framework help employees gain clarity and confidence in their finances so they can control their finances today and enjoy a better financial future tomorrow. This will help improve their work performances, retention and mental health, helping businesses’ improve their bottom line.
Support on default staff super plan Financial Literacy Sessions Access to support & advice
To ensure businesses preserve their longevity, we help develop plans and strategies to ensure an effective ‘financial succession plan’ is in place and business expenses, debt, loan as well as key people are protected.  It also helps guide business owners through the critical interactions between their business and their personal financial goals and objectives.

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